Hosted SharePoint Services for a geographically scattered workforce

Professionally hosted SharePoint services are provider-based solutions that offer the convenience and flexibility of operating the SharePoint software via a remote server or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. SharePoint is an easily customizable file sharing, document management, and storage software that has taken the business world by storm. Instead of installing, configuring, and maintaining the software on local exchange servers located in massive server rooms, many IT departments prefer hosted SharePoint providers for improved cost-efficiency, productivity, and scalability.

Benefits of professionally managed hosted SharePoint services

Companies of all sizes and industries are always searching for better and more affordable tools that enhance the collaborative capabilities of a geographically scattered workforce. Cloud-based SharePoint services offer file sharing and interaction capabilities between multiple team members regardless of their individual locations. For organizations with an increasing mobile workforce, the benefits are simply unmatched.

  • Company data is securely stored in one centralized location off-premises, which can be a significant enhancement to existing Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP).
  • Information is accessible virtually and from any secure, Internet-connected location.
  • As a result, employees are no longer restricted to gaining access only during normal business hours.
  • As long as employees have a secure Internet connection, they can gain access to the company’s SharePoint database using the digital technology of their choice, include smartphones and tablets.
  • Hiring reputable and expert hosted SharePoint providers also saves time and money spent on system installations, configurations, and maintenance. The in-house IT team simply dictates the precise customization requirements during the initial consultation, and the third-party provider takes care of the details quickly and proficiently.
  • The managed service provider can also install all SharePoint updates and security patches immediately upon their release to improve productivity and prevent data breaches.

Companies that transition to hosted SharePoint services also enjoy a predictable monthly budget because businesses only pay for what they use on a month-to-month basis. Meanwhile, IT managers can utilize the SharePoint platform to consolidate data from Internet, intranet, and extranet sites, which saves companies even more expense. Cloud-based SharePoint services even allow the IT administrator to define authentication protocols for tracking all reviews, edits, and other employee interactions with company documents. For improved security, cost-efficiency, and inter-team collaboration, companies of all sizes and industries are transitioning to professionally managed SharePoint services.