Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Review common questions and answers to IT’s most puzzling problems.

What services does The Avail Group offer?

Our specialty is designing customized networking solutions designed to fit the unique demands of your company. From IP connectivity solutions to cloud-based technologies, wireless networks, virtualization services, data analytics strategies, voice and VoIP services, and international telecommunications, we help you choose the perfect combination of services. See our What We Do page for more information.

What if I don’t know which services will best resolve my problem?

Then you are in very good company. Many businesses today lack an in-house IT staff with the full range of technical expertise required to design, configure, deploy, secure, and maintain a highly customized company network. At The Avail Group, we act as your guide and confidante. You tell us your dilemma, and we help you navigate the many available options. We can even analyze your recent invoices for existing telecom services and offer more cost-effective and network-efficient alternatives.

I don’t really need an entirely new network. What if I just want to make a few changes to the one I already have?

The Avail Group can help. From regular security updates to changes in mobile services networks, we have a team of service providers ready and waiting to help.

How does your service work?

After our initial consultation, The Avail Group will begin requesting bids for your desired combination of managed services. We handle the entire RFP process from beginning to end while you continue to do what you do best – run a profitable and successful business. When the time comes to make some decisions, we offer our advice and consultation without being overly aggressive. We negotiate low-cost contracts and associated price points, and we even assist in the deployment management process, too.