Network Connectivity

Simplifying Purpose-Built Networks


Filling the Void in the Wireline Business

Carrier Services have become highly commoditized. The large incumbent providers are laser-focused on Wireless and the Wireline side of the business is suffering.

In the Wireline Business, challenges are countless and constant: Defragmentation and consolidation. The grandfathering and decommissioning of products and services as technology changes at a breakneck speed. The merging of service providers and subsequent grooming of their networks. Project management and Customer Support that toes the line between disappointing and disturbing.

Carriers are losing focus and end customers are ultimately the ones feeling the agony.

The Avail Group’s mission is to shield the customer from this pain; to efficiently manage and mitigate these challenges, improving the overall customer experience. We use our thorough understanding of how to leverage specific products and technologies to help you achieve your business goals.

Partner with The Avail Group for an elevated experience.

Managed, Private, Purpose-Built Networks

Over the course of our collective 50+ years in the industry, we’ve learned from the missteps of others and absorbed best practices to help mold The Avail Group into a premier Service Provider. We’ve developed a culture that prides itself on Transparency, Knowledge, and high-touch Service.

We design and engineer custom-built networks for your Enterprise that consider multi-layered resiliency and diversity, managed network services, compliances and other industry-specific requirements, and/or budgetary constraints. Our consultative approach will ensure you deploy a perfectly tailored solution, on time and under budget.

We’ve spent years cultivating an ecosystem of strategic Global relationships, leveraging best of breed providers to build custom solutions. We have a diverse portfolio of providers, ranging from those embedded in mass markets to more niche and specialized service providers with presence in inaccessible areas.

With a deep bench of engineering resources for the design and deployment of managed services, you’ll see from the outset that we’re up to the challenge of meeting our customer’s demands and exceeding their expectations. Our U.S. based NOC is follow-the-sun, 24/7/365. The Avail Group has readily accessible and knowledgeable resources for support, remediation, and escalation, so you’ll always have post-install peace of mind.

Change the way you think about your Service Provider, change the culture with The Avail Group.

Expertise and Service in the Partner Channel

We may not always be the right Service Provider for your needs. If the context doesn’t make sense, we’re happy to present carrier-neutral options that weigh pricing competitiveness, diversity, and resiliency via the Partner Channel.

The industry is shifting from a Direct approach to the Partner Channel. We access the same tools that the Direct resources utilize including the identification of global fiber assets and dark fiber providers. The Avail Group has an intimate understanding of how services are engineered and supported on the back end.

The Avail Group will optimize cost efficiencies while working with the appropriate provider(s) to support your network services requirements, acting as an overlay to enhance your experience and level of service.

Leverage what The Avail Group does best.